When is Full Moon November 2023?

Full Moon November 2023

As the seasons change, the full moon in November signals the start of the end. In various cultures, this moon is closely linked to death and loss, both in a real and symbolic way.

The Celts, for example, named it the Reed Moon, likening the sad music from wind instruments to the eerie sounds of spirits entering the underworld. And for a good reason – the Full Mourning Moon indicates a risky time of the year when people could easily enter the underworld with just one wrong step.

Full Moon November 2023

Full Moon November 2023

We can appreciate the comfort of warm jackets and heating nowadays, but in the past, people in Northern America faced a serious danger of freezing to death in the long, dark winters. To stay alive, it was essential for early settlers and Native American groups to create cozy winter clothes from beaver fur.

That’s why the Full Moon November 2023 is called the Beaver Moon. In this month, beavers are busy building dams, making it a suitable time to gather their fur.

If the timing is missed, these early communities in North America could face death. The rivers would freeze, and setting traps would be impossible. Many Native American groups, like the Cree, Arapaho, and Abenaki tribes, called November’s full moon the “Moon When Rivers Start to Freeze.” This name emphasizes how crucial it is for these tribes to start trapping beavers and finish getting ready for the winter’s darkest days.

For Pagans, the last step in winter preparations involves a significant process called “mourning.” That’s why they name the last moon before winter solstice the Mourning Moon. After a year of gathering things, the Mourning Moon is the ideal time to let go of old, unnecessary stuff and allow yourself to mourn their passing. Pagans might do a moonlit ritual, writing down things they want to get rid of and asking their Goddess for help in removing burdens.

Regardless of Pagan traditions, everyone can benefit from self-reflection and letting go. Use the Full Moon November 2023 to look back on your year, assess your desires, ambitions, mental habits, behavior, and the people you spend energy on. Clean your living and work spaces, and organize objects that don’t contribute to your well-being. Take the time to fully mourn and release anything—or anyone—that doesn’t bring joy, so you can move forward into a lighter and happier new year.

Full Moon November 2023

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